GMC Sierra 2020 Owner’s Manual

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GMC Sierra 2020 Engine

2.7L L4 (L3B) K 0.65–0.75mm (0.026–0.030 in)
4.3L V6 (LV3) H 0.95–1.10mm (0.037–0.043 in)
5.3L V8 (L82) F 0.95–1.10mm (0.037–0.043 in)
5.3L V8 (L84) D 0.95–1.10mm (0.037–0.043 in)
6.2L V8 (L87) L 0.95–1.10mm (0.037–0.043 in)
6.6L V8 (L8T) 7 0.95–1.10mm (0.037–0.043 in)

GMC Sierra 2020 Owner’s Manual

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